The Hive

The Hive is a dynamic learning space that fosters innovation, collaboration and investigation. Our contemporary facilities consist of open spaces for the hands on application of Science, Technology, Engineering principles and Mathematics, inclusive of coding technologies, 3D printing and Makers Spaces. Kitchen and Garden facilities are integrated into the space giving students the opportunity to engage in food technology and agriculture whilst developing awareness of sustainable living practices. The space also encompasses a Green Room for movie making, empowering student to experiment with digital technologies within the media forum. The Hive fosters collaboration and communication by providing flexible learning spaces for formal presentations, group and class discussions.

At Parafield Gardens Primary School STEM Learning is an innovative integrated approach that refers to the application of science, technology and mathematics knowledge, skills and dispositions within real-world contexts. We utilise the engineering process as a scaffold to design, construct and organise thinking whilst seeking solutions to local and global challenges.

At Parafield Gardens Primary School we place a large emphasis on the development of skills and dispositions required to work collaboratively, think creatively, analyse critically and problem solve. Through engagement, exploration and investigation we aim to foster curious, lifelong learners and forward thinkers.

‘Working together to engineer a better future’

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