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Student Wellbeing

At Parafield Gardens Primary School, we are dedicated to nurturing the holistic wellbeing of our students. Our wellbeing programs are designed to support each child’s physical, emotional, and social development, providing them with the skills and resilience they need to thrive in both academic and life pursuits. Central to our approach is the integration of the Berry Street Education Model, a proven framework that focuses on trauma-informed practices and positive relationships. The Berry Street Education Model recognises that students’ behaviour and learning are deeply affected by their life experiences. By understanding and addressing the impact of trauma, we create a safe and nurturing environment where all students can succeed. We believe that strong, positive relationships between students, staff, and the community are the basis of wellbeing. Our educators build meaningful connections with students, providing the support and encouragement they need to thrive emotionally and academically.

Wellbeing Room

We are lucky enough to have a Wellbeing Room situated within our administration building. Our wellbeing space is a place of belonging for all students, which includes a dedicated interoception area used to help students understand what they are feeling and empowers them with strategies to regulate and become ready to learn. This wellbeing room is staffed by both our Wellbeing Leader as well as a Wellbeing Student Support Officer.

Wellbeing Animals

Atlas the Wellbeing Dog is a beloved and furry member of our school community. With his wagging tail and friendly demeanor, Atlas brings a large amount of joy and comfort to students and staff alike. Whether it’s a calming presence during moments of stress, a loyal companion during reading sessions, or a source of unconditional love, Atlas plays a vital role in promoting emotional wellbeing and fostering a positive school environment

Lenny the Lizard, our delightful Bearded Dragon, is also a unique and treasured member of our school community. With his reptilian charm and tranquil presence, Lenny embodies the spirit of relaxation and mindfulness. Lenny’s calming influence aids our students in regulation, and can be found in the Wellbeing room sharing a cuddle with students or exploring the rooms surroundings.

The Smith Family

Parafield Gardens Primary School has a long standing partnership with The Smith Family, assisting our community members in accessing their Learning for Life Scholarship Program. We have direct access to our Family Partnership co-ordinator who works from site once a fortnight. In addition to this The Smith Family also runs Learning Centres weekly for those families on scholarship.

KickStart For Kids

KickStart for Kids supports Parafield Gardens Primary School to run Breakfast Club 4 mornings per week. In conjunction with fantastic corporate volunteers and staff members all students are welcome to join in order to ensure they are focused and ready to learn for the day. During the school holidays Camp Kickstart also operates from our site for a selected group of students.

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