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Our School

Principal’s Message

“Welcome to Parafield Gardens Primary School.

We strive to be a place where everyone belongs and is nurtured to learn and grow so they can achieve great things.

We are proud to be a United Nations Peace School and we strive for peace with self, peace with others and peace with the environment.

Our community is made up of families from around the world with more than 40 different languages spoken at home. We have built a community where children and families feel valued, supported, respected, provided for and included. We value a learning culture that is centred around each child, social responsibility, a healthy lifestyle and personal excellence.

Parafield Gardens Primary School encapsulates an ethos of ‘working together’. When children, parents and educators work together, great learning can be achieved. At Parafield Gardens Primary School the development of our students’ physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing is central to our daily business.

For additional information please see our website menu.

We look forward to working together with you in the future to meet your child’s needs as we prepare them for their future.”


Global Peace School

Parafield Gardens Primary School has been recognised as a United Nations Global Peace School since 2008. We work together peacefully, to make good choices and display the peace initiatives by Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Others and Caring for the Environment.

Our School Values

Working together peacefully, to make good choices



  • Demonstrates resilience
  • Uses problem solving skills
  • Uses a growth mindset


  • Demonstrates a positive attitude to learning
  • Participates enthusiastically during lessons
  • Engages positively in whole school events


  • Inclusive of others
  • Demonstrates empathy for others
  • Accepts responsibility


  • Demonstrates care for self, others and the school environment
  • Communicates respectfully with others
  • Collaborates effectively with others


  • Strives for personal best and achieves learning goals
  • Displays confidence in learning
  • Organised and able to work independently
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