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Specialist Subjects


The language the students learn at Parafield Gardens Primary School is Auslan.

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is the visual-manual language of the Deaf community.

It consists of a two-handed alphabet together with specific “signs” for vocabulary, facial expression, body movement and elements of gesture. It has its own grammatical structure and set of rules.

Like spoken languages, sign languages differ around the world, however, as many “signs” are iconic (ie they look like what they represent) people using a sign language, including Auslan, can generally be understood around the world.

Health & PE

Health and PE lessons at Parafield Gardens Primary School are engaging, exciting and highly valued in our school community. All students from reception to year six attend one 50 minute health lesson and one 50 minute PE lesson every week with a specialist teacher. A range of topics from the Australian Curriculum are covered during these lessons including; nutrition, medicine safety, wellbeing, benefits of Physical activity, relationships, safety, minor games, fundamental movement skills, rhythmic movement, sports and challenge activities.

During these lessons throughout the year coaches from different sporting organisations are invited to run specialised coaching sessions. Some of these sports include; hockey, rugby league, ultimate frisbee, tennis, badminton and volleyball.

Our senior students have the opportunity to participate in School Sport SA (formally known as Sapsasa) events throughout the year. We typically nominate teams for AFL Football, Soccer, Netball & Athletics. Students chosen to participate in these carnivals attend training to develop their skills and experience teamwork and sportsmanship.

We also offer a range of after school sports programs throughout the year. Students can use the $100 government sports vouchers to be involved in programs such as soccer, netball, dancing & gymnastics. This proves to be a great stepping stone for them to join local clubs in our community!

Music Drama

Students participate in a rich Music and Drama program with the option to participate in extra-curricular activities and clubs. Early Years students explore the key concepts and skills of singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, story-telling and dramatic play. Students in the Primary Years further acquire and consolidate their learning and skills through improvisation and scripted drama, as well as using various instruments including melodic and non-melodic percussion, woodwind and ukulele. Technology is integrated through Music and Drama as students learn to use tools to produce music and media artworks. Our Senior Choir participates in the Primary School’s Music Festival each year. Students who wish to extend their musical learning can also opt to join after school clubs which focus on instrumental music lessons.

Visual Arts

Visual Art lessons at Parafield Gardens Primary School involve students making and responding to artworks, drawing upon the world as a source of ideas. In the Art Room, students engage with the knowledge of Visual Arts, develop skills, techniques and processes, and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.

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