Student Engagement

Parafield Gardens Primary School strives to achieve this by;

At Parafield Gardens Primary School we believe that Student Engagement occurs when students feel empowered, have a strong sense of self-efficacy, believe they can make a difference and are inspired. Student Engagement occurs when young people invest themselves, their energy and their commitment to the learning environment, both within and outside the classroom. They care about the success of the collective and feel compelled to contribute in a meaningful way. They are inspired and intrinsically motivated to engage in learning that benefits their school, local and global community.

Parafield Gardens Primary School strives to achieve this by;
  • Providing opportunities for authentic student voice
  • Collaborating with our parent community
  • Engaging students in rich and diverse learning experiences
  • Cultivating a strong sense of ethical responsibility
  • Connecting the curriculum to real world applications
  • Giving students the opportunity to design solutions to local problems
  • Developing meaningful community/business school partnerships
  • Instilling a sense pride and purpose
  • Supporting students to be active and informed citizen

Resource Links


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Young Inventors

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Lunchtime Clubs

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Sista Girls Program

“Respect to Sista Girl Program is a Leadership empowerment program designed specifically for young Aboriginal girls.  This program allows the participants to use their cultural strengths to make positive changes in their lives, empowering them to make better choices and reconnect with their cultural identity, family, land, language, values and spiritual beliefs.”  

Auslan Program

The language the students learn at Parafield Gardens R-7 is Auslan.

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is the visual-manual language of the Deaf community.

It consists of a two-handed alphabet together with specific “signs” for vocabulary, facial expression, body movement and elements of gesture. It has its own grammatical structure and set of rules.

Like spoken languages, sign languages differ around the world, however, as many “signs” are iconic (ie they look like what they represent) people using a sign language, including Auslan, can generally be understood around the world.

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