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At Parafield Gardens R-7 we value working together peacefully to achieve respect, care and compassion, personal achievement and integrity, understanding and acceptance of others by making good choices.

On 8th November 2008 Parafield Gardens R-7 became a Save the Children Global Peace School. Becoming a Peace School is a global movement which hopes to educate children around the world about their rights and promoting a vision and strategy for improving the lives of children worldwide.  Save the Children Global Peace School Programme partners with educators, schools, parents and communities to integrate child rights, peace building, global awareness and social inclusion concepts across the curriculum, classroom and wider community.

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Year 7 Graduation Speech
Year 7 Graduation Speech

Year 7 Graduation Speech

Good evening everyone, my name is Reiner  and I am from room 30. It is an honour for me to be speaking in front of you today as I am very proud to say that my fellow piers and I have officially graduated from primary school. I would like to start off by...

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Term 4 Maths Success
Term 4 Maths Success

Term 4 Maths Success

2020 has given rise to a number of successes within the realm of mathematics. As a school we commenced the Multiplicative Thinking and Partitioning phases of Big Ideas in Number. These two phases aim to build solid foundational skills and understandings in...

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We have learning culture which:

Promotes enthusiasm for learning
Develops citizens who have a sense of social responsibility
Values the achievement of personal excellence
Promotes the establishment of a healthy lifestyle

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