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Exciting news: 
After a tumultuous year, we felt that our children’s well-being needed some extra prioritising. We are addressing this in two ways.

Firstly, we have been successful in obtaining some money through a grant application which will pay for all of staff to be trained in the Berry Street program. This program has a number of whole school routines, activities and language to address student well-being, including: brain breaks, movement breaks, tune in activities, start with a laugh morning fun and many other great strategies. We are really excited to be implementing this program across our school in 2021 and believe it will be very positive for our students.

Secondly, at great personal expense, I have purchased a little furry friend for us all. Atlas is living with me and training to be a school support dog. He will have regular visits in 2021 to get used to the school environment and help children to learn how to be safe around dogs. When he is a little older, if he passes all of his tests, he will become a valued member of our well-being team. Atlas already loves children, loves being read to and adores cuddles. At only 11 weeks, he is toilet trained, knows his name and can sit, so he is showing promise. He is a Cavoodle so doesn’t shed and is non-allergenic.

Our rules about “No Dogs at School” still apply. Atlas will be a working dog. When he is a more regular visitor, you will be sent a permission slip and will be able to exempt your child from contact if you wish.


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