Year 7 to HS Student Action Team

Year 7 is moving to high school

Year 7 public school students will be taught in high school from term 1, 2022.

This means that from 2022, year 6 will be the last year of primary school and year 7 will be the first year of high school.

Year 7 is already part of high school across the country so this move will bring South Australia in line with other states and territories, as well as other education systems in our state.

Australian Curriculum

All South Australian students learn the Australian Curriculum at school. For year 7s, the curriculum focuses on specialist courses and is designed to be taught in a high school setting.

Moving year 7 to high school will mean students benefit from specialist teachers and resources, such as learning in fully equipped science labs and design and technology facilities.

It also provides a grouped curriculum for year 7 and 8 in a number of subjects. Bringing year 7 to a high school setting will make it easier to deliver these subjects.

How the move of year 7 to high school will work

Planning is well underway to make sure the move of year 7 to high school is well-managed and considered. Building projects have been taking place in High Schools to ensure they have the space to cater for the new year level. Primary School and High School staff are working closely together to share knowledge and resources.

We are very lucky to be next door to Parafield Gardens High School. Our staff work closely with the high school staff and have similar goals and priorities.

Enrolment in high school for 2022 

The department’s regular enrolment process will be used for year 6s enrolling as year 7s in 2022. The enrolment process will start in March 2021. We will provide you with all the information you need.

Regular transition and enrolment processes will apply for year 7s enrolling as year 8s in 2022.

The transition of year 7 into high school won’t have any impact on home-schooling arrangements.

Graduation ceremonies/Senior Jumpers and Camp 

We understand the importance of marking the special occasion of students finishing primary school. How this looks is a local school decision. We have called for nominations from students (currently in year 5 and 6) to form a year 7 to HS action team. This group will consult with their peers to come up with ideas. They will take their suggestions to our staff and Governing Council for approval and then share their decisions with parents and families. We want our students to lead these discussions because they are the ones graduating.

The students will decide how it looks, but we will ensure Year 6 and 7 students (in 2021) get to mark their end of primary school in a positive way.

Out of school hours care (OSHC) options 

High schools don’t generally provide OSHC but do offer alternatives such as after school study in the library. Contact your local high school for more information.

Safety and wellbeing in high school 

Your child’s wellbeing is just as important in high school as it is in primary school.

Frameworks already exist in public schools to manage interactions between students of different ages. These already operate in our B-12, R-12, area and primary schools to manage younger children interacting with older students.

In 2022, year 7 and 8 students will start high school in the same year for the first time. We are very mindful of having a smooth transition for all new high school students.

Schools will provide dedicated wellbeing support to help year 7 and 8 students adjust to new routines and different academic demands. The support will vary across schools, so it’s best to check with your new high school about how this will work.

Later in the year, we will organise parent meetings to share information and answer your questions.

Alternatively, if you have questions about Year 7 to HS, please contact our office.

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