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House Teams and Captains

There are four Sports Day houses here at Parafield Gardens Primary School. They are; Barker (Green), Sturt (Blue), Flinders (Red) and Eyre (Yellow). On Sports Day the four houses compete against each other to see which house can earn the most points and become champions. Houses earn points from doing their team chants, tabloid events and championship sprints. Each house has two captains and two vice-captains. The role of these captains includes; writing and presenting a speech detailing their leadership skills, organising and leading the team chants, assisting PE teachers with their organisation for the day and providing leadership to junior primary students in the championship sprints. The winning captains also present a speech to the school at the end of Sports Day.

Barker (Green) Captains

Sturt (Blue) Captains

Flinders (Red) Captains

Eyre (Yellow) Captains

New House Captains are elected each year. Year 6 students are encouraged to complete an application and then make an election speech to their individual house groups.


Quotes from Elected House Captain Applications

“I am resilient and I keep going till the last whistle blows and as a Leader, I want to bring glory to my team”

“I will try to use my strengths so I can help others, I am competitive, extremely loyal and caring”

“I describe myself as sporty, sometimes over confident, a great leader and sometimes push people to their limit, but that’s only because I want them to go further than they think they can”

“I would describe myself as hardworking, independent, an unselfish person that can take on any challenge that stands within my way and successfully complete that challenge.”

“I will be an effective and strong captain and I feel confident that along with the other Sports Day Captains we will make our team win for sure.”

“My first goal is to join the other captains and help make Sports Day fun so everyone could forget about the pain everyone has been through this year and I know everyone wants to feel happy”

“I will work hard to get ideas to make Sports Day different especially this year and if we keep up and work together I know we can make it through.”

“During lunchtime futsal I try to encourage everyone and try to give them equal play time and help my team achieve their goals.”

“People describe me as a person that never gives up no matter what and wants her voice to be heard. As a Sports Day captain I’ll make sure everyone gets a chance in what they can do best”

“According to my friends I have a courageous, brave, trustworthy, reliable and honest personality and I feel that would help out our team.”

“Showing everyone that strength isn’t always a requirement to be leader. I would let them know that if they are feeling discouraged, that I’m always here to talk and give them a big loud and confident voice that will bring their spirits up”

“I’m cheering for the others that are participating and I hope my loud and clear voice will bring your spirits up even if I don’t get in I’ll still be there to cheer the team on.”

“I’m really athletic and I demonstrate strong captain initiatives such as helping, encouraging and giving feedback and a strong will.

“I am a ridiculously confident person, strong, relatively smart and also brave.”

“I believe that this could be a great opportunity for me to practice my leadership skills, lead my team to victory and support others.”

“I will encourage, support, put in all my effort and lead my team to make sure my team succeeds in every sport event and enjoys the day even if we don’t win.”

“Sports Day isn’t about just winning, it’s about having fun and that’s why I would like to be Sports Day Captain”

“I will be an effective captain by, cheering on younger years students, encouraging and giving all students the determination to win.”

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