Good evening everyone, my name is Reiner  and I am from room 30. It is an honour for me to be speaking in front of you today as I am very proud to say that my fellow piers and I have officially graduated from primary school. I would like to start off by thanking my teachers who have taken care of me throughout the journey.

Ms. Hector, my reception teacher, had welcomed and comforted me since the very first day. She taught me the basics of phonics, spelling and reading. Every day, I went home with books to read and learn new words. I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the efforts Ms. Hector has given. I enjoyed each and every class of hers and looked forward to going to school every day since then. She is a brilliant teacher!

I moved on to year 1 with Ms. KK.| Ms. KK is the teacher who brought out my artistic and creative abilities. I would remember her making us do ‘I am grateful for’ activities. You would have to write something that you are grateful for every single day! After a while, you would run out of ideas and had to write random ones like: I am grateful for having a little brother (when I don’t even have one!J). But the most memorable thing about that year was when we had to make our Christmas pageant floats. As a Port supporter, I made a Port float! It was a great year.

Then I had Ms. Pasalidis for year 2. One memorable moment was when I was completing the reading levels that year. When she tested me on the last level, the questions were quite difficult so I failed the first try. Once again I tried and I failed once more. Ms. Pasalidis believed in me and encouraged me and I passed the third time lucky. All the weight was lifted off my shoulders. I received my first ever A from Ms. Pasalidis.

For year 3 and 4, I had Ms. McKew, who’s now known as Ms. Maughan. In my opinion, I think she was one of the most amazing teachers I had during my primary years. She was really great at teaching maths and made the most difficult topics less difficult by the way she described each question. I learnt maths very quickly. I was also best friends with a student named Nhan. He was an expert at maths that time so I gained an interest in maths. Having a teacher for two years consecutively was quite unique, and made the years really great. I felt like I had a strong connection with her. She was a great teacher. When she told us that she was going to leave the school, I felt heartbroken. I truly didn’t want her to go…

But, the next year, I had a really pumped teacher named Mr. Ebert. He was sporty and smart at the same time. He was my very first male teacher. I don’t think there was a dull moment in Mr. Ebert’s class. Every day, you would want to go to school because of Mr. Ebert. He would teach a boring subject and somehow make it fun. I don’t really care to expose things but this is something I have to say about Mr. Ebert: he literally gave action breaks every day, he gave us free items by using the auction activities (that was fun) and he played with the students during recess and lunch. I will never forget all the fun activities Mr. Ebert included to the class to enhance our learning.

Now let me tell you about Ms. Brown, my Year 6 teacher. She is really strict on anything to do with academics or homework (something I don’t mind having). Writing was the most time consuming. I hated writing that year so much because we had to do it nearly once daily. But on the other hand, the way she taught maths was different. The activities she gave us were quite time consuming. It took nearly 5 weeks to complete! The main thing I wanted to highlight about Ms. Brown was that she found my potential in Maths. She knew I could do better and gave me a year 7 workbook for me to complete when I was just in year 6. I was really proud that I had that book because it really showed my abilities within maths. I also had really good PAT results. For my Pat maths, I got a raw score of 36 out of 40 questions and had a percentile of 98. I was ecstatic. I never knew I could get it that high. I think she flexed real hard on the other teachers, even though she doesn’t have much muscles (wink wink J). If that isn’t enough, I was also proud that I got 4 A’s in my year-end report. I never got this much A’s ever in my life! I really want to thank her for that. Thank you Ms. Brown.

And this year I had Mr. Mac. Mr. Mac found everybody’s ability in anything. Some were good in sport, some in music, and some in academics. In the beginning of the year, I didn’t think he knew that I had a strength in Maths. He treated everyone the same and made sure everyone had as much support as possible. Year 7 life was very different compared to other years. It was stricter in a way and more serious. I hope I’m not scaring the younger years, but its true! I was more focussed and desperate to improve from my previous years and be the best I can be to prepare myself for high school. This year I did more homework than any other years, and know it will only get even crazier from here! In term three we had our PAT tests. By now I’m sure you all know I have a passion for maths. I was devastated that maths was last to be tested in my class! I was excited to get it over and done with but in the end it all paid off. I was so eager to find out my results and remembered the day everyone lined up to Mr. Mac to get their PAT maths score. When it was my turn, I waited anxiously and eagerly. He wrote the score on a sticky note. I looked at it. It read: 40 out of 40 and under it said scale score is 179. I could not believe what I just saw. I got full marks! I have achieved my goal as I worked hard for this and I believed I could do it.

To all my teachers, on behalf of all year 7 students, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you. Our today’s achievement is the result of all your time and energy you put towards us to make us who we are today. I also would like to thank my parents for their unconditionally love and support. To all my dear friends, I am so grateful to have you guys through my journey. Last but not least, may I also extend my deep thanks to the school leaders and staff for the wonderful memories you all have given to all year 7 students especially on excursions and camps we had throughout the years.

Before I finish my speech, I would like to say something to my fellow piers that I hope will inspire you like all these teachers have done for me. Every time you fail, you learn and can strive to become better. Always believe in yourself and continue to work hard in your life as there is no script.

Thank you everyone for listening and have a good day/evening.





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