2020 has given rise to a number of successes within the realm of mathematics. As a school we commenced the Multiplicative Thinking and Partitioning phases of Big Ideas in Number. These two phases aim to build solid foundational skills and understandings in multiplication, division and proportional reasoning. We commenced the year with 6% of our year 3-6 students working on Multiplicative Thinking and started semester 2 with 42% of our students working on Multiplicative Thinking and Partitioning, a significant increase coming out of some very tumultuous times.

In addition to Big Ideas in Number implementation we have also undertaken Big Ideas in Number intervention for our year 7 students with gaps in their understanding of number. Of the 21 students who participated in the intervention program 100% experienced growth. Quicksmart intervention was also undertaken with our year 5 students to develop automaticity and confidence with the four operations. 12 students participated in the program with 100% of these students exceeding 12 months growth. This is a credit to the program and to Sue Beare our dedicated and committed SSO who facilitates the program.

Other successes arise from the hard work of our students, dedication and diligence of our teaching staff and the tireless commitment of our Mathematics Coach, Kirsty Dimitropoulos. Mrs Dimitropoulos has worked across the school to support teachers, implement mathematics programs, develop consistency and maintain momentum. The success of our whole school commitment to mathematics is evidenced by the some of the extraordinary results that have been achieved by our students when participating in Department for Educations’ Progressive Achievement Test (PAT) testing. Some of the highlights are as follows; 86% of our year one students achieved scores above the state average, 78% of our year 2 students are at or above Department for Education’s Standard of Educational Achievement (SEA), 76 % of our year 3 students experienced growth, 81% of our year 4 students achieved 12 or more months growth, 73% of our year 5 students exceeded 12 months growth with 55% of those students achieving significant growth, 83% of our year 6 students exceeded a years’ worth of educational growth whilst maintaining students in the top bands and finally in year 7 one of our students achieved 100% in their test, not an easy undertaking. Additional highlights can been seen on the graphic below drawn by Amber Miller during our Pupil Free Day data showcase.

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