Youth Environment Committee (YEC)

The Youth Environment Council (YEC) are a passionate and dedicated group of Years 3-6 students who advocate for Peace in the Environment, one of our three guiding principles as a Global United Nations Peace School. Students can elect to join the YEC by attending our weekly lunch time meetings and taking part in whole school projects. In recent years, these students have been responsible for:

  • removing foods containing palm oil from the canteen
  • designing and implementing the Golden Bin Award (presented to the class who has kept their yard clean up area the tidiest at each Assembly)
  • purchasing and selecting locations for outdoor bins (both landfill waste and recycling)
  • educating students across the school on issues such as: waste, climate change, Earth Day and nude food
  • organising the annual Clean Up Parafield Gardens Day, whole school quizzes and educational videos for the school YouTube channel
  • fundraising to purchase trees for a cooler school yard in the summer months as part of the Climate Ready Schools project
  • creating sustainable products to be sold at school market stalls

Members of the YEC are leaders within the school community who strive to ensure that the school environment is a safe and healthy place for all.

The Year 7 students involved are encouraged to apply for the YEC of South Australia, which is comprised of students from Years 7-10. The group engage in face-to-face and online gatherings, training and networking opportunities before presenting their year’s work in Term 4 to other primary and secondary schools across the state. We have been fortunate enough to have three of our students represent our school on the State YEC every year since 2016.

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