Last Monday 29th March, our school was very fortunate to host Michelle Wilson, National and Oceania Karate Champion, for a talk about physical activity, relentless determination and the Premiers Be Active Challenge.

Michelle spoke about her personal life as a working mother of twins, her journey in the karate world and how she persevered with her sport to become the champion that she is today.  She is competing for a place in the Australian Olympic Karate Team, which is extra special as this is the first year that karate is included in the Games.

Michelle is extremely passionate and spoke about having goals and seeing them through.  She emphasised the importance of having a growth mindset, not giving up when things get tough, persevering, being flexible and adaptable.  At over 40 years old, Michelle will be one of the older athletes competing for a place in the Australian team, but she is not letting age get in the way of her Tokyo Olympic dream.

Michelle spoke about the Premiers be active Challenge and gave great tips, ideas and advice for how students can successfully find time to complete the necessary physical activity.  From simple tasks such as walking the dog, to PE lessons, playing chasey at Recess and Lunch and breaking activity down into smaller chunks- these are all great ways to get the 60 minutes of exercise in, five days a week.

We thank Michelle for her amazing words and wish her all the best in her Karate endeavours and the Olympic trials.  She has inspired both our students and staff to go for gold themselves and achieve the very best that they can in their own personal dreams.  We can not wait to complete our Premiers be active Challenge, which, in Michelle’s words is like “the Olympics for everyone”.

Stephanie Ryan
HPE Specialist- Parafield Gardens R-7 School

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